Most matts are created by external influences, such as lack of grooming, fleas, not brushing or drying a dog's coat after it becomes wet and some skin disorders.

It depends on how bad the matted hair is. If they are little mats, you can probably brush them out yourself with enough time and patience. If they are large or to-the-skin mats, they will need to be clipped or shaved off. We will most likely be able to clip your dog and remove the mats and excess hair... matted hair on long-haired dogs is pretty common if they are not brushed often enough, We deal with it a lot.

Different types of coats matt differently. Double coated dogs go through natural shedding processes, and it is essential that the shedding under-coat be removed so the skin can breathe. Silky longhaired breeds can matt in clumps and spots.

De-Matting Equipment and Positioning the Dog To de-matt, you need a steel comb, a slicker brush (a brush with fine steel needle-like pins), and a matt splitter or sharp scissors. There a number of sprays and detangling aids you can purchase to help. Never bathe a matted dog - once 
the matts are wet they are near impossible to untangle. Brush out as much as possible before bathing the dog.

Get the dog to lie down. It is much easier to work on each section according to how the dog wants to lie. If you spend your whole time fighting the dog to stay still it becomes very exhausting. If you can control the dogs head, you have control of the dog, and that is imperative. Be sure not to pull the dog's fur too hard.Hold the tangle tightly between the skin and the knot before combing it out to prevent discomfort.

How to Comb Out Stubborn Matts Take the matt between your fingers and try to separate it gently. Dividing the matt into small sections saves the loss of too much hair. If separating it by hand is impossible, try a matt splitter. A matt splitter can have one or several knife-like blades - the fewer blades, the less coat loss. Lift the matt away from the skin and slide the splitter between the tangle and the skin. With a see-saw motion, slice the matt into several sections. If you do not have a splitter, sharp scissors will do. Be very careful to position the blade so you slice away from the skin. Sometimes you can use a crochet hook to pick the matt apart before using a splitter. Once the matt is broken into smaller tangles, use a slicker brush to begin brushing it out. Start at the ends of the hair and work your way to the skin. After the brush gets most of the tangles out, take the comb and remove any fine hair that still may be knotted. Test to see if you have removed all the matts by running a steel comb through the hair. If it does not get caught, you have a de-matted dog.

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